How to get to Rainbow Mountain​

In recent years, a new destination is having much success among tourists who come to Cusco: the Mountain of 7 Colors or Rainbow Mountain. This place draws attention because, as the name suggests, it is a mountain that has diverse and striking colors, a phenomenon that takes place in very few parts of the world.

The Vinicunca, original name of this mountain, is located in the mountain range of Vilcanota in Cusco and has a height of 5200 meters above sea level, although the great attraction is from 4710 masl.

How to get there?

The Mountain of 7 Colors or Rainbow Mountain is 140 kilometers east of Cusco. To get there, you have two options: hire a tour or do it on your own. In either of the two ways you will have to arrive to the district of Cusipata, approximately three hours away from the imperial city and where the community of Qheshiuno lives.

At this point begins the walk that has a total duration of four hours and, although the road is not very difficult, it becomes complicated due to the height, so it is advisable to be prepared to avoid the soroche or altitude sickness.

For this reason, for those who need it, after an hour of trekking you will find muleteers, settlers who have horses that, for 80 or 100 soles (25-30 dollars), take you a large part of the way.

After three hours of trekking you will reach the town of Machuraccay, from where you will begin to appreciate the colors of the mountain and other attractions such as small lagoons and streams.

A few minutes later, you will arrive to the final destination, where you have time to enjoy the scenery and take photos, before starting the way back.